Tarot Reading Certified Training

Welcome to our comprehensive Tarot course. Dive deep into the mystical world of Tarot, learn its history, symbolism, and gain the skills to read Tarot cards confidently. 

Join our 12-class training program led by seasoned instructor Supriya Sharma. Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Class 1: Foundations of Tarot

Grounding Meditation

History of Tarot

Significance of Tarot Today

Overview of Major and Minor Arcana

Class 2: Exploring the Major Arcana

Cards Activation Meditation

In-Depth Discussion of Major Arcana

Class 3: Mastering Major Arcana

Major Arcana Revision

Yes and No Readings based on Major Arcana

Class 4: Understanding Elements and Numerology

Discussion on Four Elements

Numerology in Tarot

Significance of Each Element

Explanation of Pentacles

Class 5: Diving into Card Interpretationx

Revision on Pentacles

Understanding Cup Cards

Past, Present, and Future Readings

Class 6: Tarot Reading Techniques

Explanation of Wands and Sword Cards

Yes and No Reading Practice

Past, Present, and Future Reading Techniques

Class 7: Deep Connection with Tarot

Shuffling and Cleansing Cards

White Light and Chakra Meditation

Trusting Your Intuition

Celtic Cross Spread

Class 8: Intuitive Interpretation with Tarot

Revision of All Cards

Card Meditation

Interpretation through Intuition

Tarot Spread Practice

Class 9: Specialized Tarot Spreads

Health, Finance, Family, Relationship, Career, Self-Development Spreads

Class 10: Tarot Business and Crystals

Continuing Tarot Spreads

Starting Your Tarot Business

Pricing, Payment, and Business Setup

Significance of Crystals

Class 11: Advancing Your Tarot Skills

Questionnaire Verification

Introduction to Different Tarot Decks

Angel Cards Introduction

Understanding Card Reversals

Reading Duration with Tarot Cards

Class 12: Final Tarot Mastery

Doubts Clarification

Morals and Ethics of Tarot Reading

Managing Sensitive Topics with Clients

Live Readings for Selected Clients

Become a Certified Tarot Reader

Become a Certified Tarot Reader

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Become a Certified Tarot Reader
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Become a Certified Tarot Reader
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